Never Give Up

College can be a draining experience. There can be highs and lows. But remember never to give up. Always press on. You never get to the end without starting at the beginning. I have always been someone who wants an immediate result. Life doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes the things we want, don’t always come easy. This is not to say that everything you work for will always turn out well. Sometimes things don’t happen the way we think they should, but never say that you didn’t try. Do your best to try to make good grades in college

As a Christian, I believe that in everything I do, I must do it to glorify God. In this way, I should strive to do well in everything, however not for my own success. I want to glorify God because he did something for me that I could never do, he gave his life to forgive my sins, (and anyone else who repents of their sins and believes in him), so that I would not have to bear his eternal wrath. With that in mind, it is okay if failure comes my way, because ultimately I have what is of true value, eternal life. I hope this is the case for you.
We live in a lazy generation that is ignorant of a lot issues, (particularly on the issue of the Bible), they say they know what it says, yet they have never read or studied it all the way through. In college I have heard professors say things about the Bible that, for one are totally unbiblical, and two, logically fallacious.

So, what does all this have to do with not giving up with college? You want to move forward with a purpose. College prepares you to have a job. I think this is great, but a job won’t ultimately make you happy. Maybe one day you will have a family, even though family makes us happy and gives us comfort, it ultimately can’t make us happy. We can’t fully put our hope in people, because there is no guarantee that they will make us happy. Only Christ can. As you read these helpful, and sometimes silly posts, keep what I have written here in mind.




Reading Your Emails

People keep in touch via email. If you are not used to communicating this way, you best get acquainted. Email allows people to communicate quickly and efficiently. Timeliness and efficiency runs most of today’s businesses and organizations, not all I would imagine, but most.

In college, reading your email everyday, and more than once everyday will help you stay on track with the latest news. In my case, I am contacted by financial aid, student government, the office of the president of the school, and by instructors. Important information is posted on email. You don’t want to miss some important information just because you didn’t check your email.

Checking your email everyday is a habit that will help you in the future. In the business world, I would imagine that employers want someone who diligently checks their emails to stay up-to-date. These kind of habits can create a sense of dependability not only in work, but for other important matters as well.
You must get used to this, it is all a part of growing up and adapting to the changes that life brings. Responsibility can help forge maturity.



Spending Money Wisely

If you have a job while your are working in school, you should know that your time has to be spent extra well. What about your money spending? I would imagine if you are the only one footing the bill, hopefully you have a pretty good idea of how to manage your money. If you are not the only one managing your money, please take some of my advice. God willing, one day you will have a family, and when you have a family you should know how to manage your money. Money management, just like managing time, is a skill that can be polished. It takes discipline. College, is a perfect time to learn.

If you are not footing the bill at the end of the month, and your expenses are being paid by your guardians, you needed to be sensitive to this blessing. Not everyone that has this privilege. Having someone to help you out financially is a blessing. In this way, treat the money that you have been given as a gift, spend it wisely.

It is true that thought some goes into spending money, this not to say that you should make money a god or make it the only thing you think about. With that said, frugality is an important skill that you will use the rest of your life in many different areas. So thank God for the person who is providing you money for your expenses. Also thank God if you have a job allows to pays for school and allows you to have the opportunity to, one day, make more money.



The Habit that Pays Off

Creating good study habits can lead to good pay-offs. I say this because it is true. In a previous post I talked about the importance of making time to study, however in this blog I wish talk about the environment of study, and the discipline of study.

College can be hard, and the classes you take might require repetitive studying unlike that which you have never had to do. Understand that building a good studying environment can lead to success in memorizing information, and productivity on whatever project you are creating. It might be that you need to have your room a certain way, or studying outside when the weather permits.

In the same way, you must eliminate things that can distract you from working. Personally, it is hard for me to work with music playing. It is true at times I can listen to music and not get distracted, but when it comes crunch time, I usually have to work in silence.

In these ways, you need to know your strengths and weakness. Do the best you can to get the most out of studying, so that you can do well in your classes. You must be disciplined in this way. It is okay at times to relax and take a break from your routine, but you cannot let relaxation get out of hand and ruin your system. There many different methods you can go by to not let this happen. One way is set aside only a certain amount of time to relax, but once that time runs out, you get back to work.



The Undeniable Fact

There are a lot of people who come to college with a specific major that they want to pursue, however I would imagine that there are many students who change out of their initial majors before it’s all said and done. It helps to have some direction in which way you want to go, however you don’t always have to know immediately.

When I first came to college, I knew that I wanted to make movies. In the back of mind I was unsure about the reality of that happening, so for two years I was undeclared.

During these two years I was rarely motivated. It can be difficult, at least it was in my case, to apply yourself if you don’t know where you are going. My advice to incoming freshman is to do your best to come up with ideas of what you might want to do.

To those who are already in college and undeclared in your major, don’t be discouraged. It is true however, that eventually you will have to make up your mind one way or another.

It is important to understand that you have to make a living, this is an undeniable fact. Money is not everything, however you need money to live and support yourself and possibly a family.

Hone in on what interests you, and do your best to make a realistic and thoughtful decision on your future.



Getting the Best Deal on School Supplies


A Few Quick Tips:

  1. Buy your supplies around August when many stores have Back to School sales
  2. Use coupons if you can get a good deal by using them
  3.  Take advantage of rewards card only sales at places like Walgreens
  4. Buy more than you need while they are on sale so you do not have to buy them later on when they are more expensive
  5. You can buy many stick pens for very cheap (usually around $1)
  6.  You can often times get more bang  for your buck at places other the “dollar stores”
  7.  Off brands often are less expensive and just as good with certain products (i.e. paper)
  8.  Mechanical pencils can be reused and you do not have to worry about getting stuck with a broken lead during an important assignment
  9.  Make sure the pencils you buy come with a usable, soft eraser
  10.  If not, you can buy really big erasers for around a dollar or a pack of cap erasers for very cheap

I hope these tips will help you in your college journey!


Staying Charged


Older generations often say that those of the younger generation are addicted to our phones.This may often be true, but in this new information age no one will deny it is important to stay connected to the information grid. This is especially true for us college students!

I think it is safe to say most us use our phones for our alarm clock, GPS on and off campus, shopping, pictures, checking our email, taking pictures, entertainment, and for many other uses. Having a smartphone makes the life of the average college student much easier. That is why I’m using this blogpost to give a few tips on keeping your phone charged so that you can maximize your time doing  the productive and.. unproductive.

Here are a few tips to do just that:

  1. Buy a phone  charger made by a third party at a local store with a longer cord that will help you reach those hard to reach outlets
  2.  Buy a phone car charger that has two usb ports so you and a friend can charge your phones on the go
  3.  Buy a portable charging bank and charge it up and use it when you do not have access to an outlet or store it for an emergency
  4.  Close apps on your phone after you are done using them
  5.  Lower brightness, turn off bluetooth, location services, etc  when not using them
  6.  Turn on “Low Power Mode” on your iPhone under Battery in the Settings app
  7.  Use Airplane Mode when you do not need to receive communications to save battery

I hope these tips will be of use to you and help you stay connected when you need it the most ( i.e. when your lost driving around and need to use your GPS on your smartphone haha)