Starbucks 2

Many of us in college know that we have a lot of responsibilities to take care of, but how exactly are we supposed to do them when we are so tired and feeling sluggish? We could get a full 8-9 hours of sleep. I mean we COULD. But, is that really going to happen every single night? Probably not. That’s when “getting caffeinated” comes in!

Getting caffeinated means loading up on caffeine by drinking beverages with a high amount of caffeine in order to be more awake and energized. In other words, it’s enjoying one or more coffees, energy drinks, or sodas! Pretty much every college student and graduate will tell you that they used one of these drinks every once in a while or every day to get that extra boost they needed.

Personally, whenever I need a good caffeine boost, or just want to enjoy something extra tasty, I get a coffee from Starbucks. This is a convenient option for many students because there is usually one located directly on campus. The campus Starbucks may be included in your college meal plan as well, and you can expect a familiar and consistent service, taste, and pricing from the brand in contrast to other competing shops.

My personal favorite pick-me-up is a mocha iced coffee. I get it all the time whether it’s 80 degrees outside or feels more like -30.  I would recommend an iced coffee for any student feeling a little lifeless. It packs quite a caffeine punch! I personally find it more invigorating than a cappuccino or a soda, even though I enjoy these options as well.

There are all kinds of drinks one can find that can help one get caffeinated. For those more interested in an at-home or in-dorm quick beverage, I would recommend a cappuccino mix such as one by Hills Bros, Folgers, or any other brand you can buy at a local store. Many of these brands have many different flavors and other options such as low-sugar and sugar-free varieties. With these mixes, you can have a nice cup of coffee in around 2-3 minutes!

Another good option is a Keurig K-Cup machine or a plain old-fashioned regular coffee maker.  It is just a matter of personal preference. Any of these choices will set you up for a good, caffeine-induced time.

How do you prefer to “stay caffeinated?” What is your favorite drink and order?

Let me know in the comments or through social media!



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