When I was in high school, I used to procrastinate all the time. I was so foolish when it came to time management. When I graduated and came to college, not much changed. It wasn’t until recently that I changed my ways. I have had to learn the hard way. If I could go back and change my attitude towards studying, I would.

Hit the books! Making time to study is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself in college. I understand that not everyone has the same amount of time to devote to their studies. Not everyone who comes to college has endless amounts of time on their hands; people have jobs and families that they have to attend to. I have been on both sides of this ship.

When it comes to making time to study, one must over-prepare. I don’t just mean over-preparing for tests and quizzes. It is important to make allowances for the unexpected things that pop into our life as result of, well… life. Preparation is one of the best remedies to stress.

Never give up! College can be hard, and studying can be rigorous. Take heart, and give all you have. Understand that someone somewhere has paid, is paying, or will pay for your education, so don’t take for granted the privilege that your are experiencing. Please, if you disagree with anything that I have said, respond. If you don’t wish to have your questions, concerns, or comments in the public, please email us at




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