One second you are sound asleep and the next thing you know a loud piercing sound is filling the air. You roll over and a sense of dread fills you once again. It’s another fire alarm – the 26th one this semester. You feel as if between classes, finals, and 24/7 alarms you’ll never be able to get some sleep – but fear not, I promise you there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I know from personal experience. Last semester our dorm had close to 30 fire alarms. Yikes ! Hopefully when you move into your college dorm you will not have to experience as many as I had too !

There are a couple things you can do to make these horrible alarms less troublesome. I recommend  having a coat, flip flops/ slide on shoes, a blanket, or anything else you may need close by in your dorm. This will help you get what you need quickly and get out of the building. No one wants to be stuck outside in cold weather without a coat or blanket during a surprise fire alarm !

Also, be aware of your dorm’s emergency exit route before an alarm so that you are not left wondering around when one actually happens. P.S. Be sure to use the stairs to exit and not an elevator (See my previous post and the fact that you could become trapped in one during a fire).

Last,  remember to treat every fire alarm as if it were real. You never know when there could actually be a fire, and people are much more likely to die from a fire than the many other things people usually fear such as dying in a terrorist attack, plane crash, etc.

Stay Safe !

B. M.


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