You must ask questions. You mustn’t forgo learning because you are too prideful or embarrassed to get help.

I am an introvert. At home I am goofy and sometimes loud, but when I enter the classroom I’m as quiet as a rock. When an instructor asks for volunteers, I am always reluctant.

I would imagine that a lot of you are like me. It is not always in our comfort zone to break silence and be verbally engaged. I think one of the biggest reasons why we behave this way is because we are prideful. We don’t want to be judged as lacking in knowledge, or not being smart. In this way, we are insecure.

You have to get over that attitude. College can be a once in a lifetime experience. You don’t want to do poorly just because you’re to afraid ask questions. This may seem silly, but I have forgone asking questions for the sake of my foolish pride.

Think of your college experience like a business that you have worked all your life to build. Think of class like a business meeting with a crooked accountant. He is the only accountant you can use therefore, when you hold meetings with him, you have to go over all the details, check the numbers, and ask specific questions in order to make sure that he does his job correctly. If you are not careful, he will take you for all that you have. Don’t let him walk out the door with business unfinished or undiscussed.

This may seem like an extreme example, but it is accurate. Like I have mentioned before, your college degree costs money and someone out there will pay for it.

Ask questions when you need help.




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