Have you ever used It can be pretty useful in helping to decide between several different professors that teach the same course or any other scenario. I am not going to lie and not say that I have not used this website several times. I will admit that I think it has probably helped me have an easier time in college, but how much should you trust this website?

It probably is not the best way to get a good idea of a class or professor a good deal of the time. Often, the website only has a small handful of reviewers, and this is clearly not a good sample size to try to deduce something about anything.  Also, It is important to realize that any reviewer is probably going to skew to either really loving the professor and class or totally hating it. People that use the website to review someone are probably not going to represent your average student’s experience in that class.

The quality of reviews and the reason they are there are often poor as well. Sometimes people will leave positive reviews just because they think the professor is hot, and other times they will leave a negative one just because they did not do any work and were failed.If there are many reviewers and they are of high quality however, than you should definitely consider them..but always with a grain of salt!

The reviews can help give you a little information about the work in the class and the professor’s general teaching style and orientation, so make a note of these and compare professors. For example, If one apparently just teaches using PowerPoints and the other is very interactive, you should chose the professor with the teaching style that fits you ! You can use these websites to your advantage if you approach them with a bit of skepticism and use your critical thinking skills !

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