How many of us have been told that it is important to be on-time to class and other appointments? I think we all have. Actually doing so is another story, right? Being on-time is pretty hard for a lot us, me included ! I am almost always late! Even though I am not the best role model in this area, I will try to give you 10 quick tips to help you (Do as I say and not as I do haha)

  1. Use an alarm clock/ alarm that will get you up quickly
  2. Use several alarms if you have to
  3. Set out your clothes the day before
  4. Practice the weekend before classes start to get a good idea how long it takes for you to get ready
  5.  Time yourself while you commute/walk
  6.  Give yourself 10 or more extra minutes than you need just in case the unexpected happens
  7.  Check the weather often so that you can be prepared for unusual weather and don’t get caught by surprised
  8.  Have a pair of shoes you can slide on easily if you happen to be running late
  9.   If you are a morning person try to schedule morning classes and if you are not schedule them in the afternoon so that you are not going against your biological clock
  10.  Get plenty of sleep the night before so you will have the energy and willpower to get up when you have to and quickly



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