A Few Quick Tips:

  1. Buy your supplies around August when many stores have Back to School sales
  2. Use coupons if you can get a good deal by using them
  3.  Take advantage of rewards card only sales at places like Walgreens
  4. Buy more than you need while they are on sale so you do not have to buy them later on when they are more expensive
  5. You can buy many stick pens for very cheap (usually around $1)
  6.  You can often times get more bang  for your buck at places other the “dollar stores”
  7.  Off brands often are less expensive and just as good with certain products (i.e. paper)
  8.  Mechanical pencils can be reused and you do not have to worry about getting stuck with a broken lead during an important assignment
  9.  Make sure the pencils you buy come with a usable, soft eraser
  10.  If not, you can buy really big erasers for around a dollar or a pack of cap erasers for very cheap

I hope these tips will help you in your college journey!



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