Older generations often say that those of the younger generation are addicted to our phones.This may often be true, but in this new information age no one will deny it is important to stay connected to the information grid. This is especially true for us college students!

I think it is safe to say most us use our phones for our alarm clock, GPS on and off campus, shopping, pictures, checking our email, taking pictures, entertainment, and for many other uses. Having a smartphone makes the life of the average college student much easier. That is why I’m using this blogpost to give a few tips on keeping your phone charged so that you can maximize your time doing  the productive and.. unproductive.

Here are a few tips to do just that:

  1. Buy a phone  charger made by a third party at a local store with a longer cord that will help you reach those hard to reach outlets
  2.  Buy a phone car charger that has two usb ports so you and a friend can charge your phones on the go
  3.  Buy a portable charging bank and charge it up and use it when you do not have access to an outlet or store it for an emergency
  4.  Close apps on your phone after you are done using them
  5.  Lower brightness, turn off bluetooth, location services, etc  when not using them
  6.  Turn on “Low Power Mode” on your iPhone under Battery in the Settings app
  7.  Use Airplane Mode when you do not need to receive communications to save battery

I hope these tips will be of use to you and help you stay connected when you need it the most ( i.e. when your lost driving around and need to use your GPS on your smartphone haha)



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