College can be a draining experience. There can be highs and lows. But remember never to give up. Always press on. You never get to the end without starting at the beginning. I have always been someone who wants an immediate result. Life doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes the things we want, don’t always come easy. This is not to say that everything you work for will always turn out well. Sometimes things don’t happen the way we think they should, but never say that you didn’t try. Do your best to try to make good grades in college

As a Christian, I believe that in everything I do, I must do it to glorify God. In this way, I should strive to do well in everything, however not for my own success. I want to glorify God because he did something for me that I could never do, he gave his life to forgive my sins, (and anyone else who repents of their sins and believes in him), so that I would not have to bear his eternal wrath. With that in mind, it is okay if failure comes my way, because ultimately I have what is of true value, eternal life. I hope this is the case for you.
We live in a lazy generation that is ignorant of a lot issues, (particularly on the issue of the Bible), they say they know what it says, yet they have never read or studied it all the way through. In college I have heard professors say things about the Bible that, for one are totally unbiblical, and two, logically fallacious.

So, what does all this have to do with not giving up with college? You want to move forward with a purpose. College prepares you to have a job. I think this is great, but a job won’t ultimately make you happy. Maybe one day you will have a family, even though family makes us happy and gives us comfort, it ultimately can’t make us happy. We can’t fully put our hope in people, because there is no guarantee that they will make us happy. Only Christ can. As you read these helpful, and sometimes silly posts, keep what I have written here in mind.




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