People keep in touch via email. If you are not used to communicating this way, you best get acquainted. Email allows people to communicate quickly and efficiently. Timeliness and efficiency runs most of today’s businesses and organizations, not all I would imagine, but most.

In college, reading your email everyday, and more than once everyday will help you stay on track with the latest news. In my case, I am contacted by financial aid, student government, the office of the president of the school, and by instructors. Important information is posted on email. You don’t want to miss some important information just because you didn’t check your email.

Checking your email everyday is a habit that will help you in the future. In the business world, I would imagine that employers want someone who diligently checks their emails to stay up-to-date. These kind of habits can create a sense of dependability not only in work, but for other important matters as well.
You must get used to this, it is all a part of growing up and adapting to the changes that life brings. Responsibility can help forge maturity.




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