If you have a job while your are working in school, you should know that your time has to be spent extra well. What about your money spending? I would imagine if you are the only one footing the bill, hopefully you have a pretty good idea of how to manage your money. If you are not the only one managing your money, please take some of my advice. God willing, one day you will have a family, and when you have a family you should know how to manage your money. Money management, just like managing time, is a skill that can be polished. It takes discipline. College, is a perfect time to learn.

If you are not footing the bill at the end of the month, and your expenses are being paid by your guardians, you needed to be sensitive to this blessing. Not everyone that has this privilege. Having someone to help you out financially is a blessing. In this way, treat the money that you have been given as a gift, spend it wisely.

It is true that thought some goes into spending money, this not to say that you should make money a god or make it the only thing you think about. With that said, frugality is an important skill that you will use the rest of your life in many different areas. So thank God for the person who is providing you money for your expenses. Also thank God if you have a job allows to pays for school and allows you to have the opportunity to, one day, make more money.




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